I didn't know why people were staring at me – I wanted to cry of embarrassment when I realized why, then it got worse | The Sun

MAXIMUM embarrassment blighted one influencer's grocery shopping so much that she fears she will never be the same again.

She was clueless as to why people were staring at her until she worked out what the problem was.

When she realized why she was getting so much attention, she willed the ground to open up. All she wanted to do was cry.

If that wasn't enough to contend with, her ordeal then continued to get worse.

The pain was very real for Emily Jade (@emilyjade), and there was a lot of sympathy from the 25,000 viewers who saw her post.

It all started out so well with a trip to a convenience store on a sunny and hot day.

She wore a tank top and a long, white skirt, looking very summery.

Little did she know that she was courting disaster in the form of a snack loose in her bag.

“The worst thing just happened," she said, still cringing.

“I went to [a convenience store] and I'm getting really weird looks and I’m thinking why are people staring?"

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She would have remained oblivious if it were not for the kindly intervention of another customer.

“I go to the checkout and I start scanning my stuff and this woman taps me on the shoulder and she goes, ‘Woman to woman, you have something on your skirt.'"

Up to this point, the embarrassing stain had been on the back of her skirt.

Her response to the news was to laugh awkwardly, explain that it was a candy bar, and continue to scan her groceries.

But she was convinced she was not believed: “She thinks I s**t myself."

Emily quickly worked out the cause of her misery.

"It’s a really hot day and I had a giant bag of chocolate buttons loose in my bag and somehow they melted.

"I’ve sat on them they’ve got on my skirt. I want to cry. I’m literally shaking."

If this wasn't enough torment for one day, there was more to come.

When she went to pay for her groceries, the dreaded chocolate buttons did even more damage: "It gets worse," she said.

“I pull out my phone to use my card and there are like ten chocolate buttons melted around it. It looks like sh*t.

“The woman scanning next to me gives me the dirtiest look. She thinks it’s a big log on the back of my phone."

All Emily could do was retreat, turn her skirt sideways, cover the stain with her bag, and get home, head hanging in shame.

“Still recovering," she said. Emily was a trooper, however, and was finally able to see the funny side of things.

Commenters sympathized and laughed in equal measure.

The voice of reason from this person: “To be honest I genuinely would think it’s melted ice cream or something because the alternative is just very unlikely.”

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This person would have been mortified too: “I’d never leave the house again if this happened to me.”

As would this viewer: “Sis I spilled hot chocolate over my pants and sat on it so I felt this on a spiritual level."

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