I faked depression to blag a nose job on the NHS – now doctors have saved my life during labour, I was such a t***

A WOMAN has apologised for blagging a free nose job on the NHS, after doctors helped to save her life during labour.

Carla Bellucci, 40, who has been labelled in the past as “Britain’s biggest blagger”, revealed she almost bled out on the operating table after daughter Blu was born in September.

Carla said she “almost died” after a traumatic C-section, and said she even stopped breathing for two minutes and 45 seconds. 

She now admits she regrets taking the NHS for granted. 

Carla, from Hitchin, Herts, told the Daily Star: “When you come that close to dying and realise it can all be taken away from you, you just appreciate things in a different way.

“With the nose job, I just think maybe I was a bit of a t*** to go through all that just to make my nose a bit straighter.

“I am really thankful to the NHS because they did save me and my baby’s life and I know that’s hypocritical coming from me.”

Carla previously faked depression to get a free nose job on the NHS worth £7,000.

She said she is now seeing a therapist and has PTSD after her near-death labour experience. 

The mum said she now values her life differently and doesn’t want to go under the knife again “unless her t**s burst”.

Carla’s baby Blu was born on September 27 weighing five pounds.

Carla, who had her baby with her 51-year-old boyfriend, was put to sleep, lost three litres of blood and needed five blood transfusions to save her life.

When she woke she thought she was still pregnant and thought she had been in a car crash.

She was initially too weak to hold her newborn, who is healthy and doing well.

Baby Blu has already helped Carla rake in the cash, as the mum revealed she made £100,000 selling sexy snaps of her baby bump.

With the nose job, I just think maybe I was a bit of a t*** to go through all that just to make my nose a bit straighter.

Speaking to Fabulous, Carla said: "During my pregnancy I ended up making a lot of money enough to secure ourselves to buy a family home within the next three months thanks to the OnlyFans subscribers and the pics I was selling.

"I made well over £100,000 which is life changing money."

Previously Carla said she was planning on live-streaming her birth for £10,000, but decided against it in the end.

The mum said: "I didn’t end up live streaming the birth as Blu was not growing in the last weeks of pregnancy so the decision was made with no choice but to have an elective C-section, a natural would have been too risky.

"She was delivered at 38 weeks so as it was pre planned a week before I was able to go get my hair, nails, Botox etc all done beforehand."

Carla, a model and influencer, who is already mum to Tanisha, 15, and Jayden, 13, and a 19-year-old son, said she's been criticised for cashing in on her pregnancy but doesn't let that faze her.

She said: “I know people are going to go crazy but I’m a businesswoman and I need to make money… I am my business."

The baby is Carla’s fourth, and there is a 19 year age gap between her oldest and her youngest.

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