I had a major glow up – I lost weight and ‘fixed my face,’ people say I’m ‘truly peaking in my 30s’ | The Sun

ONE 31-year-old woman considers her past self "simple" and "ordinary" compared to the look she sports now.

The lifestyle creator with over 174,000 TikTok followers has shared her appearance transformation, which included weight loss and Botox.

Malibu Toast (@malibutoast) posted a video to show viewers the difference in how she used to look, beginning at 22 years old.

First, the Ohio-born woman revealed a picture of herself during her time working as a Whole Foods checkout girl.

Malibu Toast had acne scars and redness covering the lower half of her face. Her skin was bare with no makeup, and her hair was parted to the side.

Next, she switched to a photo of her in her mid-20s, working as a yoga studio instructor.

Her clothing was just as conservative as it was during the Whole Foods days.

She wore a high-neck black dress that drowned her figure.

"So yeah, it's giving sister wife," Malibu Toast proclaimed.

"As most of you know, I did change my face. So, here's me again at 22."

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The photo turned to an outdoor setting, zoomed in on her face.

She smiled wide with full cheeks and a button nose. "The nose is nosing, and the eyes are eyeing," Malibu Toast said.

By age 25, Malibu Toast's face was slimmer, but she still had hollowed eyes.

"I'm just a simple, ordinary girl from Ohio," she exclaimed as she displayed a photo of her with a side ponytail and white dress.

"Here I am now, at 31, on a random weekday afternoon."

Malibu Toast sat up straight in the front seat of her car. She wore a button-down black blouse, and her skin was smooth and shiny.

The proud woman admitted: "The reason why I show my glow up with you all is because you can transform your life.

"And of course, what you can see is, I fixed my face, and I fixed my fashion."

But Malibu Toast emphasized that she did "inner and outer work" to be the person she is in her 30s.

Awed viewers complimented Malibu Toast on her mental and physical transformation journey.

One fan wrote: "Wow. I love how we’re truly peaking in our 30s. People that say our prime is in our 20s is telling a darn lie!"

A curious fan asked: "How did you fix? Are you talking about fillers, surgery, etc.? Not judging just really love this glow-up."

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"Just fillers and Botox," Malibu Toast responded.

One sweet follower noted: "You didn’t fix anything…you weren’t broken. But you’re gorgeous both ways!"

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