‘I had embarrassing wardrobe mishap at the gym – my bra is dangerous

A TikTok star sent a warning to her followers about the risks of wearing minimal gym wear after she experienced an unfortunate wardrobe malfunction in public.

Fitness influencer Madi, known as @greatestjerk on TikTok, was working out in the public space when a clothing crisis left her flashing a nipple.

The TikToker posted a clip of her flipping off the minimal gym bra and grimacing at the camera, while a caption on-screen read: “Just had a nip slip at the gym.”

“So dangerous to wear,” Madi said of the sports bra, which completely failed to contain her breasts but made her “back look good”.

“It’s called minimal and she’s still surprised it didn’t cover everything,” pointed out one viewer in the comment section, while another reassured the content creator: “Honey you shouldn’t be embarrassed at all, have you looked at yourself?”

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Nipple slips are a common issue for fitness fanatics, but certain styles of gym bras, namely “minimal” ones, are a disaster waiting to happen.

Many experts recommended double-sided tape that can be applied directly to the flesh, as it latches on to fabric and keeps it firmly in place.

Carrying around small safety pins can also prove useful in the eventuality that a piece of clothing snaps or falls off.

To prevent the common mishap, a country singer called Lindsay Ell recently shared a three-step ‘boob check’ that she relies on before performing on stage.


so dangerous to wear

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Known as Lindsayellofficial on TikTok, the artist filmed a clip letting her 100,000 fans in on her technique, which involves performing a series of maneouvres.

In a video that has racked up more than 19,700 ‘likes’, the singer’s assistant fires a series of instructions at her, telling her to “bend over”, “shimmy and shake” and “lay on the ground”.

The short test reassures the artist that her outfit is accident-proof when she performs in front of large audiences.

One performer approved the technique in the comment section, joking with the content creator: “I do the exact same before shows.”

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