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A WOMAN has revealed that she decided to change her name to something she thought was pretty and unique – but only realised after it was official what it really means. 

Previously known as Lilimarie Ray, the TikTokker decided to choose her own name when she was adopted as a young adult. 

She selected Lilith May – but in Jewish folklore, Lillith is considered to be the female demonic figure. 

In other cultures, Lilith is believed to have been the first wife of Adam and, supposedly, the primordial she-demon. 

Despite this, the content creator loves her name – and claims it has given her confidence.

In a new TikTok reel, she said: “A year ago I decided to legally change my name to Lilith having no idea she is a literal demon. 


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“I didn’t find out until it was official. 

“I love that for me though. I finally have a name that I love and have an excuse when I do evil things.”

At the end, she joked: “Feeling extra thankful today for the person I’m becoming, an evil woman.”

Below the video, she added: “Also by 'evil things' I meant being mean to men and not caring so much lmao I’m not a cruel person, just a confident one who doesn’t put up w bs. 

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“Which is Lilith energy to me. Again I named myself this I can pick how it makes me feel. I love the name and the confidence it gave me. Thx.”

In Jewish folklore, Lillith is considered to be the female demonic figure. In other cultures and religions, it is thought that Lilith was the first wife of Adam and, supposedly, the primordial she-demon. 

In another video, she explained more about what her previous name was and why she changed it, adding: “My name before I changed it was Lilimarie Ray. 

“Lilimarie was one word, so my first name was Lilimarie. Super Southern belle-esque. 

“I hated it, I would never go by my full name. Did not like it at all. 

“Ray was also my biological dad’s middle name, so I literally had a man’s middle name – and that man I don’t like. The worst. 

“So now it is Lilith May. 

“I also got some questions about how you change your name.

“The two easiest ways are when you get married or if you are adopted. 

“I was adopted so it’s like a little two-for-one deal. I got a new parent and a new name. 

“Someone else asked me how much it cost. I have no idea, again I was getting adopted. 

“I’m sure it was some money but I wasn’t paying that. 

“It also depends on your state and where you are. I#m sure Google can give you many more answers than I can. 

“But yeah, I love my new name. I’ve no regrets with it, and I really like that I got to name myself. I think that’s really cool.”

Fans loved the content creator’s honesty, with the video gaining more than 599,600 likes and 1.2 million likes. 

In the comments, other TikTok users shared their reactions, with many putting a positive spin on her choice of name. 

One wrote: “Lilith was the OG eve and when she wouldn’t submit to Adam she was sent to hell and made a demon, Lilith was and is an icon.”

“Lilith was the OG feminist,” another joked. 

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A third added: “Lillith is the mother of all demons too, and was literally punished for not submitting to a man so she’s an icon.”

Someone else put: “I’m sad the name Lilith represents evil, ITS SUCH A NICE NAME.”

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