I have big boobs & tried dozens of strapless bras so you don’t have to – here are the ones that offer support | The Sun

WHILE the classic boob-scoop may work for women with smaller chests, someone with bigger breasts needs a bit more support.

Strapless bras can be uncomfortable and noticeable, but one TikTok star shares her three favorites.

Liz Thul is a midsize fashion influencer dedicated to sharing her style, tips, and tricks.

She posted a video reviewing four strapless bras she purchased off Amazon.

"I am on the hunt for the best, most comfortable strapless bra that doesn't slip down," Liz proclaims.

Liz tries all four options as a 38D.


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First, Liz tries the Felina Essentials Bustier Strapless Plunge Demi Pushup for $39.97.

This white bra is a mid-length option as it comes down further on the stomach.

Liz notices it to be lopsided right away.

"What is happening? This guy just wants to go all the way out. This one's lumpy over here. It's a no for me," she says.

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Her classic favorite is up next, the Maidenform Women's Seamless Bra.

For $23.81, this beige bandeau has been Liz's go-to for years.

The bra is full-coverage and has grippy material around the edges allowing it to hold tight to the skin.

"It doesn't put a bunch of weight on your ribcage. This one doesn't slip down and I really like how it feels on compared to most strapless bras," Liz admits.

While this option may seem perfect, Liz explains the bra will give you back fat issues.

Next, Liz puts on a longline, nude option that has cups.

This bra is the PARFAIT Elissa P50116 Women's Full Bust and Full Figure Strapless Longline Bra for $47.20.

Unlike the last one, this bra appears to let no back fat bulge in the back.

"It feels really comfortable on. I love that there are distinct cups. You can wear a little bit of a deeper V with this style as well," she says.

The last option Liz tries is the Dominique Women's Noemi Strapless Backless Bra for $40.50 in black.

Similar to the previous bra, this one has cups but comes down even further on the stomach.

Liz doesn't mind that the cups are a little pointy and loves how it is a perfect one to wear with backless tops or dresses.

"I like this one. The boning doesn't pop out at all, the cups are very defined… but I think it'll look really really nice on dresses, especially because it also snatches your waist," Liz says.

Viewers agreed with Liz that options three and four were great finds.

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