I let my 4-year-old wee in car because she was late for school – she was busy watching TV she didn’t have time to go

A MUM has revealed why she let her four-year-old daughter wee in the car on the way to school when they were running late.

Mum Amanda Bouldin posted to TikTok to explain her reasoning, after her little girl had been so busy watching TV, she didn't have time to go to the bathroom before heading to school.

Amanda explained that every morning she asks her daughter to use the toilet before they head out on the school run, as it's a 45-minute drive away from where they live.

Every morning, her daughter fights her on it, with the mum revealing she wanted her little girl to learn an important lesson for herself.

In the video, that has been liked over 730k times, Amanda begins: "So I'm going to tell you why I let my four-year-old pee in my car – if that doesn't keep you from scrolling, I don't know what will."

She explains: "So my four-year-old loves cartoons in the morning. I get it Daniel Tiger is riveting, I love him. But I ask her everyday before we leave to go to the bathroom and every morning she fights me on it, so today I say, 'alright, let's go,' – we have a 45 minute drive to school.

"35 minutes into it she says she has to go, I let her know we can't stop because we have to get to school on time, I have other people I have to drop off.

"I'm encouraging the whole way, 'you can do it, we can do it,' needless to say she didn't make it. She pees everywhere. Did I think this would happen? Yes. Did I hope it wouldn't? Yes. But I don't get mad at her."

Amanda reveals while she never wanted her daughter to have an accident in the car, she saw it as an opportunity to teach her why it was important to always use the bathroom before leaving for school.

"I wanted her to make this mistake in a controlled environment. I knew the school had accident clothes, so did I. I knew I had time to deal with this problem, I also knew I wasn't going to get mad," she continues.

"I wasn't going to shame her for going to the bathroom, it happens, but I walked around and said, "this is why mummy says to go before we leave, you see mummy wants to help you, that's why I ask you to do that.'

"I let her make a choice so she could see what would happen."

Amanda then admits: "Yeah, it puts me out a little, but she learned something. So we changed her clothes, agreed we go before we left the house and went to school.

"I let her make her own choice and now she knows to go."

She pees everywhere. Did I think this would happen? Yes. Did I hope it wouldn't? Yes

Thousands of people commented on Amanda's post, which sparked debate among parents on whether it was the right tactic to use.

"This is how my mum parented me, this is how I will parent my kids! You go mumma," said one person.

Another commented: "Natural consequences is a great way to handle stuff like that."

A third wrote: "I don't agree with this parenting style, but I think if it works for you then keep doing it."

"I would have been mad, when you tell her to do something, she shouldn't ignore you until something bad happens. She needs to listen the first time," suggested one more.

Proving such a technique can stick, one person revealed: "My mum did this exact thing with me when I was little too and I still think about that before going somewhere without bathrooms."

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