I moved into my Honda Civic to save money on bills – now I’ve put away £21k so I’m upgrading to a van | The Sun

NOMAD Nikita Crump moved into her Honda Civic in 2019 after she was struggling to pay rent. 

She said before she would end up skipping meals so she could have enough money for bills. 

Despite working two jobs, she was falling deeper into debt, and decided instead to move into her car, adding that she had to do this before so did have experience to prepare her for it.

Nikita has been documenting her journey to her 1 million followers on TikTok and regularly posts day in the life videos. 

The traveller revealed she had been  showering at gyms and keeping toiletries in her car and relies on google maps to find a safe place to park.

Nikita recently informed viewers she was upgrading to a van.

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She said: “In case you missed the memo I have bought a van.”

She continued: “I’m not going to live in the care any more that's f**king wild for me”. 

“As you can see this van is not built out whatsoever it’s just an empty cargo van I’m going to be building it out myself”.

Nikita revealed she traded the Civic Honda she was living in for three years and saved over $25,000 (£21,000).

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The nomad revealed she has never been happier and is finally financially stable with no rent and bills to pay.

She said: “The financial stability just changed everything for me and also made me see just how sad and affected I was in hindsight”.

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Although the travel influencer is still fixing up her new van, she already considers it home. 

One of the many benefits to Nikita living in a vehicle is the flexibility to travel whenever she wants. 

Nikita now earns more money as a travel influencer than her previous jobs and some of her 1 million followers have been very supportive. 

One commenter said “As long as your happy. That’s all that matters. Love you girl”.

Another siad She couldn’t afford rent, I think this is genius you became resourceful and made the best decision for you. I would have def[initely] do[ne] this if I could”.

Other were less impressed with Nikita’s lifestyle. 

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One commenter said: “You could just, you know, be an adult and not live in your car”.

Another said “Get a job”.

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