I spent $1,000 on Kim Kardashian’s SKIMS bestsellers – I almost died at how little coverage there was | The Sun

SINCE Kim Kardashian launched her fashion brand SKIMS in 2019, the company has racked up thousands of devoted fans and a number of best-selling items.

One blogger tried out the most popular items from the website, but a few of the bestsellers left her wondering who could possibly be ordering them.

Influencer and YouTube star Laura Lee has 4.6million subscribers on the platform, where she makes no secret of her love for the Kardashians and their fashion sense.

Lee spent close to $1,000 on her latest SKIMS haul, which featured 11 different bestsellers and included duplicates of some items she already knew she loved.

Since she was already familiar with SKIMS, Lee opened her review by reminding viewers about one quality almost every item from the brand has in common.

"They are so stretchy," she said, holding up one of the $68 slip dresses to demonstrate. Lee loves the dresses for their stretchy comfort, but warned that they tend to cling to every curve or bump, making them the perfect outfit to pair with shapewear underneath.


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The cotton plunge bralettes, $36, are a ribbed material with a soft fit, while the sculpting bralettes, $32, offer more compression and lift.

"This one's a lot tighter," Lee said, holding up the sculpting bralette to show the silicone band at the bottom that keeps everything in place.

Though she said it wasn't as comfortable as the other cotton offerings, like the bralette and bandeau from the Fits Everybody line, the SKIMS shaping bralette was still "ten times more comfortable than a bra with a wire."

"It's the same material as the bodysuit," Lee added. The sculpting mid-thigh bodysuit, $68, was another item Lee brought home in her haul.

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Lee said it was her first piece of full-body shapewear, and even though she was nervous to try it on, she joked she was "ready for this journey." Then, she went offscreen to get dressed.

When she returned, with the bodysuit on, Lee was panting and gasping for air.

"This bodysuit! It took me out to get it on," she said, flopping onto the couch and trying to catch her breath.

"I couldn't even get it on by myself," she revealed, adding that she had asked a family member for help to get the snug bodysuit on.

Despite the super-tight fit, Lee loved the way the bodysuit looked. She said that it was surprisingly comfortable even though she wasn't looking forward to trying to remove it.

She even demonstrated the body-hugging fit by trying, and failing, to grab and pull at the fabric on her legs and back. "I can't even grab the fabric because it's so tight," she said.

The full-body shapewear was new to Lee, but she was already familiar with another brand's take on a staple in SKIMS' shaping garments, the $34 core control thong.

"I have something super similar to this from Spanx, and it's one of my favorite items that I have," Lee explained, holding up the piece of clothing.

Once the control-top thong was on, Lee showed off the super-effective result.

"The small feels really nice and fitted," she said, tracing her hands across her stomach and along her newly-defined waist. "You can see how it's pulling everything together and shaping me. It's good, guys."

But there was another thong in Lee's shopping cart – and even before she tried it on, the influencer was wildly confused.

"This is the Fits Everybody micro thong," Lee said, pulling out a tiny envelope of fabric. The thongs are $14 each, or you can buy three for $36.

"I'm about to die," Lee said, unpacking the thong and holding it up to the camera. The front panel of the thong barely covered the SKIMS label on the tag.

"That is all the coverage you get," Lee said. "The rest is just a string! I don't fully know if there's a point in wearing this."

Nevertheless, she tried it on – over her shaping shorts for modesty's sake.

As advertised, the super-skinny thong barely covered anything, but Lee said that was probably the appeal.

"If you end up buying a micro thong, you know what you're getting into," she reasoned.

Still, the influencer was shocked that the item was on the bestsellers list – and that out of the 17 colors offered, only one was available.

"Apparently everyone is buying this because it was sold out of all the other colors," Lee said in disbelief.

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