I spent £16,000 on veneers – people say I look like I’ve got a mouth full of CHEWING GUM | The Sun

A MAN spent £16,000 on veneers and now people say it looks like he's got a mouth full of chewing gum.

What was supposed to be a stunning makeover has turned into a nightmare for one unlucky TikToker.

Coloradosoftball instantly regretted his white veneers which he called "a complete waste of money".

In a TikTok clip, the influencer teases users by exposing his new teeth bit by bit.

At first, he places his hands over his mouth and removes them to show his lips glued shut.

After some wrangling, he exposes his upper teeth before breaking out into a cheeky smile.


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He then runs his fingers across his bright-white teeth and complaints about how much he paid to get them done.

"Don't. Get. Veneers. My $20K (£16k) regret," he posted.

"There they are, these big ugly veneers. A complete waste of money."

His followers completely agreed.

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"Naaah that's just chewing gum," one wrote.

"I fell bad," shared a second.

"Oh hell no that’s 30 extra teeth," quipped a third.

It comes after a man showed off his new veneers only for people to say they looked so bright they would be LED lights.

YouTuber DustinJOTV shared before and after snaps on TikTok – but unfortunately, the reaction was slightly different to what he had hoped for.

Posing with a sparkly stud earring and a vinyl puffer jacket, Dustin then reveals his new smile, proudly flashing his fake teeth.

However, despite appearing pleased with the results, people on social media were less than impressed.

For the most part, TikTok fans thought the veneers looked pretty fake and too bright – some even compared them to blinding LED lights.

Someone else thought the teeth looked like piano keys, and a third found a striking resemblance between Dustin and Jim Carrey in the 1994 hit move, The Mask.

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