I swear by this wet to straight method to get silky hair – trolls say I’ll go bald by 40 but I don’t care, it works | The Sun

A WOMAN has left beauty fans in complete shock after swearing by her method to straighten her hair while it’s still wet. 

Known as Daiquiri on social media, the red-haired woman shared a clip of herself with her mane completely drenched from the shower. 

“Get ready with me to go on a date,” she wrote over the clip before demonstrating how she achieves her straight tresses. 

She then took a large strand of hair and clamped it between the straightening tool, which let out a sizzling sound from the water and heat colliding. 

She then dragged it down, showing how the steam rose up. 

“How i keep my hair silky straight,” [sic] she wrote in the caption. 


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This isn’t the first time @daquirii65 has posted a clip of herself straightening her hair using this method. 

She regularly shares clips of herself doing this before specific events, such as going to her boyfriend’s “Christmas dinner” or meeting her mum’s partner. 

Viewers have been shocked by her straightening technique and often comment on her posts. 

One person said: “Pro tip on how to go bald by the age of 40”. 

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Another shared: “Omg I can literally smell youre hair,” [sic] while a third said: “The way I keep saying no”. 

A fourth wrote: “this better be a wig,” [sic] with three crying emojis. 

“Ma’am from a stylist let’s not do that again please,” another said, warning her of the damage it can cause. 

Others asked if it’s a joke, too, but it wasn’t until one person wrote: “why you frying your hair,” with a crying emoji that she responded to the criticism. 

Daiquiri said: “That’s a great question,” while brushing her noticeably darker eyebrow hair. 

Many were quick to point this fact out, explaining that it must be a wig. But others weren’t quite as sure as they claimed to see split ends in the middle of her hair. 

“GIRL!! You can literally see the split ends from the top of your hair,” one person said. 

Another chimed: “no bc i can see the split ends in the middle,” followed by a crying emoji. 

While a third added: “Yeah And see all the broken pieces at the crown area,” with a broken heart emoji.

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