I swiped all the cheap blueberries at Farmfoods as they were just 39p – people now troll me for 'taking it too far' | The Sun

SHE was thrilled when she saw punnets of blueberries reduced to just 39p in Farmfoods.

So Sarah Cooper cleared the shelves, fitting as many punnets as possible into boxes.

She ended up taking home 3kg of the fruit, and shared the bargain on the Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK group on Facebook.

"Got these blueberries for 39p per punnet at Farmfoods this evening.." she wrote alongside a picture of her fruity haul.

But Sarah quickly found that her post attracted backlash from trolls.

"Did you get enough?" one wrote.

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"No, I'll be going back for some more tomorrow," Sarah replied.

She added: "I intend to store the blueberries in my freezer and eat them as and when I want them."

"There were none left at our farmfoods," another sighed.

"No cucumber, no raspberries, no blueberries.

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"Now I know why."

"It's the only fruit my kids will eat," they added.

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"My son ate a whole punnet once – ended up with purple poos – be careful how many of those you munch or you will be starring in the new Smurfs movie," another wrote.

With Sarah hitting back: "I think I'll struggle to eat 3kg of blueberries.. these are going in the freezer or bottles for food storage."

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