I thought I looked cute all day then realized why people were staring at my butt – I took the Lord's name in vain | The Sun

A CURVY queen had been proud of her themed outfit for a racetrack outing.

But after noticing so many people staring at her, however, she instantly regretted putting the outfit together so quickly.

Texas-based Daisy Diaz (@dropofdaisy) recounted the embarrassing wardrobe malfunction in a TikTok video.

Posing at a racetrack event, she looked the part as she rocked aviator shades, a red and black checkered long-sleeve top, and black body-hugging leggings.

“When you go all day thinking you look cute, just to realize the real reason why people were staring,” she began.

Although she looked flirty and confident from the front, when she turned around to give a full 180-degree view of her figure, she revealed where it all went wrong.

Her leggings were inside out, with the inseams on display and the Savage X Fenty tag right above her butt for all to clearly see.

In the background, she played an audio to signify how she felt: “Oh my God, I get it now.”

Thankfully, Daisy laughed off the situation now, explaining how the mistake happened: “Repercussions of being rushed to get ready.”

Viewers found the whole thing humorous, with some reassuring her that she still rocked the look.

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“You were in a rush for real lol,” one wrote.

“You still look cute,” encouraged another.

“I mean, you still ate, just inside out,” a third joked.

And a fourth said they’ve been there too: “The amount of times that this has happened to me.”

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