I threw a party for my baby’s HALF birthday – there was cake, pool, ball pit and balloon arch, I’m so extra

AN 'extra' mum revealed she threw a party for her baby's HALF birthday – and it looks better than most of our proper birthdays.

The woman, filming a video under the name xotinka on her TikTok page, told how she threw the cool do when her daughter turned six months.

"Yesterday my baby turned six months so we had a WORD PARTY," she wrote.

Word Party is a Netflix show for children.

"Tell me your an extra mom without telling me your an extra mon," she added.

The soiree took place in the back garden with a ball pit, pink half cake (to mark it being a half birthday), loads of food and snaps of her beautiful baby girl doted around.

There was also a balloon arch, giant half sign and little cupcakes.

"Ball pit, pools, bubble machine," the woman said.

"We did that."

And it turns out she isn't the only woman to have done it – with other videos on the site also revealing it's a thing.

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