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THE sudden launch of a new beauty product made it clear the eldest Kardashian sister was clawing her way into the skincare industry – and she wasn't planning on making it affordable.

In hopes of refining my skin and ridding its oils, I tried Kourtney Kardashian's Poosh x AlkaGlam Carbon Purifying Mist for seven days. One week and $95 later, it feels like a slap in the face with water.

The 43-year-old reality star, wellness guru, and mother-of-three has garnered herself a reputation as the health nut in the family.

Kourtney's brand Poosh, a "modern guide to living your best life," officially went live in 2019.

From her avocado pudding recipe to her relaxed morning ritual, Poosh's content focuses on sharing best health and wellness practices, according to Kourtney.

Now, the holistic master is moving in on Kim and Kylie's beauty turf with her new $95 mist said to cleanse, clean, nourish, and hydrate your skin.


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The Poosh x AlkaGlam Carbon Purifying Mist combines 52 toners into one refillable bottle that lasts up to a year.

Each bottle contains dobi beads, "an exclusive mineral blend of pulverized crystals, and soothing powdered minerals."

These minerals include zinc, maifan stone, and magnesium.

However, the patented technology also uses activated carbon and kaolin soil to convert the distilled water into this mineral-heavy mist.

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According to the site, "This active toner treatment combines the magic of minerals with revolutionary technology to aid with acne-prone skin, fine lines, and wrinkles."

The idea is that since it lasts a year, you're only spending 26 cents a day to take care of your skin.

When I first read the product description, I had no idea what it meant.

And honestly, I still don't.

Spritzing my face with minerals sounded good for my skin, but that didn't explain why the product was so expensive.

After seven days of misting my face with this $95 product, the mystery behind the price tag remains unsolved.

It was a while before I got my hands on the mist because the product had sold out.

Good for Poosh and Alka Glam, sad for me.

Having only ever spent less than $30 on any beauty product, I was excited to try something high-end.

Unfortunately, the only thing that proved it to be high-end was the receipt.

The spray bottle is a basic white color with a clear slit in the back where you can see the mineral beads.

Although I thought that was unique, the rest of the bottle looked like it was wrapped in an oversized brand sticker, not as aesthetically pleasing as I would have hoped.

For such an expensive product, you'd think they'd spend more time on its physical design.

And the product doesn't even come ready to use, it comes with a manual setup guide.

Turns out you have to activate the minerals yourself – it's part of the "product experience."

Two miniature bottles of distilled water are packaged with the spray bottle.

First, you're supposed to pour one little bottle labeled "starter water" into the spray bottle and then dump it out immediately.

Then, you pour the other vile of water in, wait a minute, shake the bottle, and then spray.

The two viles are labeled differently as if they weren't the same kind of water.

To be honest, the water bottles were cuter than the actual product packaging.

You're supposed to spray the mist on your face when it's clean and dry before you put on your moisturizer.

I will say the spray feels very refreshing.

Each morning and night, I would spray my face after my skincare and before my face lotion.

There's no sticky after feeling, it's quick drying, and it feels like a light spritz.

In terms of the status of my skin, no updates except for one chin pimple popup.

Seven days of spritzing my face, and it did nothing.

My skin appeared a little less oily after the first two days.

But once a couple of hours went by, my natural oils continued to break the barrier per usual.

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It's safe to say the Poosh x Alka Glam Carbon Purifying Mist is no drop in the ocean, it's a drop in your bank account for a few drops of water on the face.

I plan on continuing to use it until it's empty. Maybe my skin will magically clear. I'm not going to get my hopes up, though.

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