I tried the viral Kardashian slicked-back hair stick dupe – it doubled in price in one day, is it worth it? | The Sun

WITH more hair gel on my hands than in my hair, I had given up and succumbed to the defeat by my wild little hairs.

The art of a slicked-back look may only be perfected by Kardashian stylists themselves, but could a praised product be good enough on its own?

From hair gel to pomade to loads of hair spray, I had tried everything.

My hair was like a sponge; the more product I used, the bigger it got.

I could subdue it in gel and Moroccan oil, but that would only be a temporary fix, and it wasn't long before the frizz stood up.

One day, I was swiping through TikTok when I came across a video that not only revealed the product Kendall Jenner and Hailey Bieber use to slick back their hair but that it worked.


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Hair specialist Amy Chang had found the two fashion icons' holy grail product, the Tancho Tique Stick.

Designed to be the shape of a glue stick, this product is made up of vegetable and lavender pomade.

As tempting as it was to throw my phone on the bed, open my computer, and make another impulse purchase, I refrained for the time being.

But it didn't take long before the product was sold out.

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Thankfully, style influencer Sasha Mixon blessed beauty fans with a dupe she used that appeared to smell and possibly work better.

Rather than an oil-based pomade like the Tancho product, the TIGI Bed Head Hair Stick is wax.

After seeing Sasha use the TIGI stick to push back her bangs and hold them in place, a frenzy erupted.

Viewers rushed to Amazon to buy this product, causing the price to go from $11 one day to $20 overnight.

At such a low price, the product was enticing to try, but now was it still worth it?

I contemplated the purchase for a little while, yet it seemed as if every day I didn't get it, more of my hair was sticking out of my ponytails.

The Wednesday it arrived, I tore it out of the package and set my station up in the bathroom.

A rubber band, scrunchie, my hairbrush, and the hair stick were all I needed.

Besides the citronella-like aroma, the product looks exactly like a jumbo size glue stick.

Brushing my hair into the placement of where I wanted my bun, I took the product and began applying it on top of my hair.

The feeling is as if you are rubbing wax onto straw, and that's not to say my hair is that dry.

But the thickness of the product on your hair doesn't glide as easily as it looks in the videos.

You can feel it almost resist moving backward, so you have to continue to hold your hair back while applying it.

One thing I was unaware of when I first tried this is that you can't put your hair up before you use it because it moves your hair.

Especially when you're using it for the first time, the product will leave clumps in your hair.

Brushing through the product separates the clumps, spreads them through, and makes it easier to brush your hair into place.

Like magic, all my hairs were matted down.

I had initially thought that my hair was going to feel stiff because it seemed like that was the only explanation for the wax to be able to hold it so tight.

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However, no crunch or crumble, and your hair is left feeling as soft as ever.

As I woke up the next morning and breathed in the beautiful citronella scent, I didn't even have to go to the mirror to know that my bun was still intact.

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