I turned my car into a chic bedroom in a morning so I could travel for cheap – and it has snack boxes and cute bedding | The Sun

WANT to travel the world without spending anything on hotels or accommodation?

A woman has revealed how she turned the back of her car into a chic bedroom with cute bedding and snack boxes.

TikTok user Isabella Rose uploaded a video showing the transformation, and it has racked up over 400,000 views.

On her @butterflyfairyland1 account, she wrote: “Woke up this morning and decided I wanted to convert my car into a mini room so I can travel in my free time.”

She added that she wanted to “wake up on the beach.”

The first step was to put down the seats of her Mazda 3 hatchback to make room for her bed area.

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Then she added foil for insulation, and then a mattress, pillows, bedding and baskets.

Inside the baskets she put snacks for the road and all of her belongings.

She then installed a flap of fabric to cover the windows so she could have privacy as she slept.

Many people were highly impressed with her cosy DIY transformation.

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One said: “as soon as i’m able to drive and have a car, this is what i’m doing.”

Another added: “i love it so much.”

And a third commented: “shame I'm 35, have a kid….oh and I cant drive.”

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