‘I wore a cleavage t-shirt and people wouldnt stop staring at me

A self-proclaimed thrifter drew looks from across Trader Joe’s after accidentally walking into the family-friendly store wearing a risqué T-shirt, she said in a viral clip.

The influencer, known as shop-bucktooth on TikTok, claimed she forgot she was wearing the eye-catching garment when she entered the store.

The detailed the “excruciatingly uncomfortable” moment on her social media account after noticing men aged 40 and over making strange faces as she shopped for food.

Recalling the hilarious experience, she said: “Forgot I was wearing this shirt and everyone in Trader Joe’s above the age of 40 used some really special facial expression to remind.”

The clip shows her standing outside the store’s entrance with an embarrassed expression on her face before drawing attention to her white cropped T-Shirt which showcases a picture of someone’s breasts in a low-scooped bra.

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A caption on the screen reads: “365 outfits, day 44: forgot I was wearing this shirt & every person in Trader Joe’s above the age of 40 used some really special facial expressions to remind me.”

Shop_bucktooth’s account is best known for breaking body image stigmas and showcasing second-hand finds, and sharing her authentic views with followers.

“People are always like ‘Do you actually wear this in public?’ And yeah I do, but then gross men start following me, and I have to go home,” she’s heard saying in the clip.


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Several commentators flocked to the comment section, where one joked that they were surprised an employee “didn’t approach the woman about how the store is family-friendly.

To which the content creator replied: “I had anxiety it would happen the entire time, but didn’t have a jacket in my car.”

Another praised the TikToker for her bravery, with another fan adding: “This is incredible. But yes, fear of gross men would keep me from wearing it.”

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