I work in a sex toy store and I’ve seen customers do the most bonkers things & a very risque marriage proposal

THERE'S no shame in having sexual desires or going to a sex toy store to figure out what'll work best for you.

But Payton Dow, an ex-sex shop worker, revealed that some customers get a bit too comfortable with the staff, and shared some of the strangest things he's seen while working there for seven years.


Being proposed to in a sex shop isn't at the top of most people's dream engagement location – but that doesn't mean it doesn't happen.

"A man once came into the store, bought the most expensive vibrator we had, and then proposed to his girlfriend," Payton recalled on TikTok.

"She said yes."


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Getting too comfortable

Some customers seem to forget that sex shops are not their home – and share way too much information with workers.

Payton remembers: "One time a woman came in to buy a butt plug," and thought that would be the end of their interaction.

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But shockingly, she took her boyfriend and removed the butt plug he had in and swapped it with the new one, right in front of Payton and his salad.

She casually put the old one in the box for the one she just bought and put it in her bag.

Another time, a woman stripped down and tried to put a battery inside her so she could be 'recharged' right in the middle of the store.

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Men always overcompensate

"One guy came in and asked if he could glue two magnum-sized condoms together because he had a 'lightsabre eggplant forearm type of lizard.'

"Men hype themselves up when they only have a baby carrot," explained Payton.

Payton revealed another example of men overcompensating, and it didn't end so well.

"I told a customer to only take one enhancement pill every three days, he proceeded to take three right in front of me then left the store," Payton explained.

"Shortly after the effects kicked in, he came back and told me I was right and went to the ER."

Getting hit on

"One old man memorised my schedule and came by every day with abottle of Dr Pepper in the hopes I'd go home with him," Payton added.

"Another customer asked me to handcuff them to the toilet and feed them sprinkles, it was definitely one of the strangest requests I received."

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He revealed that some customers would try and offer him cash to do stuff to and for them, and it was usually low cash offers – adding insult to injury.

"Working in a sex store doesn't warrant unsolicited photos or mean you can sexualise me," Payton explained.

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