I'm 27 but people always mistake me for a 10-year-old… they ask if I’m lost when I’m grocery shopping, I’m sick of it | The Sun

A WOMAN has revealed what life is really like when you don't look your age and people mistake you for a child.

Many wish they could shave years off their face. But for 27-year-old TikTok user Taylor Denni Gill (@taydenni) looking young is a curse.

The woman, who was born is 1995, claimed that it would probably be impossible to find someone who appeared younger than she does.

In fact, Taylor, believed to be from the US, has such childlike features some reckon she must be underage, with many saying she's ten.

However, whilst she often jokes about her relatively petite figure and appearance, Taylor said she was also fed up of the struggles and comments she faces every day.

''This is the biggest struggle for me,'' she opened up in the video posted on TikTok.

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''I can't do normal, regular things without people staring at me and saying things to me.''

According to Taylor, who works in the medical field, shopping for food is no exception – strangers will approach her and wonder if she needs assistance.

''I was literally grocery shopping the other day and some woman comes up to me and literally says 'Are you okay? Are you a child?'

''What the f**k? Who asks that?''

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She went on to rant: ''The things that people think they can just come up to me and say blow my mind.''

Although Taylor understood why people would be so concerned seeing her, she reckoned it was not okay for others to make comments.

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''I get it. But […] it's not an excuse to tell grown a** adults that they look like kids – it's not.

''We don't like it, it's not a compliment.

''People just don't think before they speak, they really don't.''

In some cases, Taylor added, she's even had strangers asking what size garments she wore – and after her hitting back, they'd get defensive.

''Then they get all mad – 'Well, uhh.. ohh'.''

Reminding others to mind their business, the 27-year-old urged people to keep their mouths shut.

''It's okay to think things to yourself. But keep it to yourself.''

After posting the video, Taylor was met with heaps of support from fellow social media users.

One person noted: ''call someone fat/overweight and everyone gets mad and comes to their defence.

''but people see nothing wrong with shaming short/skinny people.''

Someone else shared the same experience as Taylor, writing: ''Girl same! Im about to be 24 [sic].

''I’m 5’1” about 100 lbs. And I get told I look anywhere from 10-14 all the time!!! I get 12 way to much! It’s insane!''

''I’m 4’9” and have this problem all the time too! Especially since I’m married and want kids,'' another penned.

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A mum said: ''Yes !!! I have 2 kids and get starred at everywhere I go & I’m 30.

''The amount of people that comment on my size / baby face IS ABSURD!''

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