I’m 66 and a pro bikini bodybuilder – my belly fat loss dos and don'ts, the first bad habit also speeds up aging | The Sun

A BODYBUILDER has revealed the secret to banishing belly fat and avoiding the midlife spread.

Helen Fritsch (@helenfritsch_ifbbpro) maintains an enviable physique without spending hours doing cardio.

The 65-year-old professional bikini athlete has garnered over 17,000 followers on TikTok with regular posts showing her workout regimen.

She donned a pink sports bra and leggings as she showed her washboard abs in a video sharing her advice for reducing belly fat.

Helen said: “Are you over 40, 50, 60, and beyond?

“Are you struggling with losing unwanted belly fat? Here are some dos and don’ts that will help you with that.

“Number one: sugar. Reduce the amount of sugar that you’re bringing into your system.

“Sugar is inflammatory and it wreaks havoc on your immune system. 

“It causes diseases like cancer and diabetes, and it accelerates aging we don’t want that.

“Number two: increase the intensity of your gym workout.

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“Grab that extra five-pound weight in the gym, push yourself.

“Number three: move. Take a brisk walk or a jog, ride a bike, go to the gym, and take an aerobics class.

“Movement is imperative.

“Number four: rest. Your body does it’s best work at night resting and repairing. 

“On the downside, don’t subscribe to crash diets they don’t work. Don’t subscribe to spot reducing, that doesn’t work either.

“Don’t buy fat-burning supplements. 

“Hard work is what you need to put in and don’t stress out over things you have no control over.” 

In a second video, the fitness and nutrition coach listed more things that are key to staying in shape in midlife.

She said: “At 65 I calculate my macros, I eat clean, I do resistance training.

“I don’t do massive amounts of cardio and my hormones are in check."

Writing in the comment section, she added: “Women in their 60s have little to no hormone production, which causes so many unwanted side effects.

“I go to a wellness/hormone doctor to get my hormones checked. You can also go to your OB/GYN and request a hormone panel!”

Viewers were impressed with Helen’s youthful appearance and said they would be trying her tips for themselves.


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One person wrote: “Sounds like a great plan. You look great.”

Another said she looks "fabulous," while one more told her she was "so right" and looks "amazing."

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