I’m a beauty influencer and this is the world’s worst changing room – it made my body look terrible

TRYING on clothes in the shops can always be a bit of a faff thanks to poor lighting and cramped spaces.

And this was certainly the case for fashion and beauty influencer Georgie Clark, who shared some fitting room selfies to her Instagram account @georgie.clark.

“Welcome to a series of the most unflattering changing room lighting and badly made clothes I’ve ever seen in my LIFE. Can anyone guess the shop?” The fashionista posted. 

Explaining further she wrote: “The reality of this situation is… it’s so hard to not see yourself in all those badly lit angels of the mirrors and think bloody hell is that what I really look like?! It’s NOT just you who feels this way, I promise

“The old version of me would be upset to see myself like this… in fact it would’ve ruined my day and I’d have probably gone home and spoken negatively about myself for the next month.

“The version of me who accepts and loves myself knows that I can’t let one fitting room change my feelings about myself. They’re TERRIBLE but that doesn’t make my body terrible. My body is fab.”


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Those who saw the post were quick to agree with the influencer about the state of these changing rooms, with one person commenting: “I had the same experience last month and legit cried.”

As did another individual, who described their experience of trying on clothes as “horrible” adding that they cried so much.

A third wrote: “I honestly thought it was only me. Every time I go into changing rooms I come out feeling so awful about myself.”

Others questioned quite why changing rooms are designed in this way: “I mean you look bloody sensational but yeah I seriously often wonder who the F thinks it’s a good idea to design these changing rooms with the aim to make us feel s***.”

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“I think if every clothes shop had warmer lighting in their changing rooms, they would probably sell more because people would feel more confident!" added another.

"I always come out of the changing rooms mad at myself! It’s ridiculous,” added another.

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