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A CLOTHES designer and founder of a high-end brand has shared the top four style mistakes “that prevent a good outfit from being great”, and revealed how “simple” it is to “dress well”. 

Caring for denim incorrectly 

Matthew Hegarty, from the brand Hegarty exclusively told Fabulous: “Denim is a staple item in almost any wardrobe, but even the most fashionable outfitters can fall victim to denim disasters. 

“No matter how luxurious or premium your denim is, not taking proper care of your beloved jeans can take them from hero to zero.

“The first rule of denim care is to try to never wash jeans or jackets; freezing is best! 

“The reason they might smell is because of the bacteria, but 12 hours in the freezer will destroy the bacteria and the smell.

“If you do have to wash them then make sure it’s a cold wash and that they’re inside out – failing to do so can lead to that dreaded fuzziness and streaky lines down your denim. 


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“It’s really important not to overwash your denim. The constant exposure to water and detergent can leave the fabric dry, saggy and prone to damage. 

“Instead, spot clean stains and hang your jeans outside to refresh them. Airing them out will do wonders for maintaining that crisp, unwashed look,” he added. 

Buying fake luxury goods 

Matthew said "one of the most blatant style sins is going for fake luxury goods".

He added: "Everyone loves getting designer fashion for a bargain, but even if there is a big Dolce & Gabbana logo, it’s still a fake.

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“Substituting genuine luxury items with cheap knock-offs is a cardinal sin that can really bring down the quality and style of an outfit.

“Genuine luxury items are investment pieces that stand the test of time, while fakes often fall apart after a few wears.

"It’s also worth noting that you may be supporting a very unethical supply chain by wearing counterfeit clothing.”

Matthew suggested: “If you long for a designer piece but can't afford it, consider looking for pre-loved options. Every once in a while, you’ll get a true bargain and it will be all the more special. Authenticity is key to maintaining your style integrity.”

Wearing wrinkled or pilled clothing 

The designer said: “In the hustle and bustle of life, it's easy to forget the finer details of garment care.

"One of the most noticeable style sins is wearing clothing that's covered in fuzz, fur or creases. It's the little things that make or break an outfit, and neglecting these details can be a fashion disaster.

“Invest in a lint roller and make it your best friend – this is a basic and inexpensive fix for a truly common sin, and it is a quick and easy way to elevate your look.

"Additionally, take the time to iron or steam your clothing. Wrinkles and creases can make even the most expensive attire appear shabby.”

Wearing all-black

Matthew said: “It's easy to fall into the trap of wearing an all-black ensemble from head to toe. 

“While an all-black look can be sleek and sophisticated, it’s also a missed opportunity to show your character and personality. 

“Black is a base layer with huge potential, so start experimenting! 

"Black leather is a really chic starting point and presents an excellent opportunity to inject a little colour and tone into your ensemble.


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“Be bold and brave by accessorising with pops of texture such as layers, scarves, statement jewellery, or amazing footwear. 

“A pop of colour can breathe life into an otherwise sombre outfit and showcase your creativity. For clarification, black and navy is not a style sin. It’s a great colourway and looks incredibly refined.”

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