I'm a dermatologist – don’t throw away your banana peels, the unexpected way they can help with anti-aging | The Sun

YOU may not be so quick to throw away that bruised peel next time you eat a banana.

In a recent article, dermatologists revealed the added anti-aging benefits bananas have when you use their empty peels on your skin.

Packed with nutrients, used for hangover relief, anti-cramping, athletic performance, and muscle growth, it's safe to say your body could use a banana.

But what if they weren't just good for your body? Would you rub a banana peel on your face if it kept your skin looking young and glowy?

It may be hard to believe a smoothie staple and cereal topper is the missing piece in your skincare routine.

Yet a recent Today article revealed the TikTok claims to be true as dermatologists weighed in on the anti-aging benefits of banana peels.


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Though there is no scientific evidence to prove the skincare effects of this fruit, Chicago-based dermatologist Dr. Jordan Carqueville and Texas-based Dr. Adeline Kikam share their expertise on the benefits.

According to Dr. Kikam, the tannins of the banana are similar to those used in different skincare products for tightening and toning purposes.

These tannins are also known to help diminish under-eye bags and brighten them.

Some products may use banana extract in them.

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"You can actually find banana listed as an ingredient in some skin care products, Kikam said, because they're rich in good-for-the-skin phytochemicals and vitamin A," the article notes.

There were a couple of different ways TikTok users were using the tannins from the peels.

While a few were scraping the inside of them and mixing it with moisturizer or aloe, others were rubbing the peel right on their skin or making them into eye masks.

The article paraphrases Dr. Carqueville's thoughts: "By leaving the peels on the skin for an extended period it could potentially "occlude" the skin, essentially sealing moisture in."

This natural remedy only has a few potential risks, one of which only applies if you have a banana allergy.

Additionally, the tannins could leave your skin feeling a bit dry if you do not mix them with any sort of moisturizing cream.

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Due to the lack of evidence on long-term effects, each dermatologist suggests consuming bananas for bodily purposes rather than solely relying on their possible skin benefits.

To treat dark circles and fine lines: they recommend an eye cream with hyaluronic acid.

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