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EMPHASIS is placed on unity when it comes to team sports – but can it go too far?

A former high school cheerleader has recalled a particular game day where frigid weather wasn't an excuse for the girls on her cheer team to not be in uniform with one another – quite literally.

Taking to social media, the previous cheerleader, Ally, recounted a particularly cold game day in which one of her teammates forgot a key part of their uniform.

"Point of view, it's 30 degrees Fahrenheit in the middle of October.

"One girl on the team forgot her jacket so none of us can wear one and I can't feel my arms," Ally wrote in a TikTok video.

She continued: "The clock keeps stopping every five seconds. A stunt nearly fell at halftime, and my face hurts from smiling so hard."

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People in the comments section of Ally's video shared their feelings of protest.

One person wrote: "Dude if someone forgot their jacket in the band we just say 'too bad.' Like it's not our fault," one wrote.

"Respect to ya'll, cuz me, I could never," chimed in a second.

"Yikes… This sounds like a nightmare," a third person said.

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Some fellow cheerleaders shared their own experiences as well.

"NO BUT THE JACKET THING like why do we have to freeze too?" one questioned.

"ONE TIME A GIRL FORGOT HER SHOES AND WE ALMOST WENT BAREFOOT. Literally though, [the] coach was like it’s grass you can just go barefoot," added another.

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