I’m a hairdresser & customers want a cut and blow-dry their hair in 20 minutes and get angry when I say it takes longer

A HAIRDRESSER has revealed that some customers pop into her salon on their lunch break and request a service that usually takes an hour to be done in 20 minutes.

China Allred from Texas, US, said that clients get so angry at her when she is unable to squeeze a wash, cut and blow-dry in, during their break from work.

Taking to her TikTok account, China reenacted a conversation with one client who rushed into the salon in a panic explaining she needed the service completed and out the door in twenty minutes.

Posting under the domain @chinaarae she captioned the post "We are never going to hurry CUTTING your hair to get you out faster."

Rushing to the seat the client said: "OK I'm ready, can we get started? I'm on my lunch break, I've gotta hurry I don't have any time. I need to be outta here in like 20 minutes."

China said: "OK, you're down for a haircut, that's a shampoo, cut, and a style. That could take up to an hour.Usually, at least 45 minutes and you've got pretty thick, decently long hair so it's probably gonna take almost an hour."


China told the client that could just do a dry cut, to try and get her ready sooner, but the client wanted the full works in 20 minutes.

"Excuse me, do you see my dirty, greasy hair? No I need a shampoo, and It's cold outside, I can't leave with wet hair" said the client.

The hairdresser said: "Ok well what would you like me to do because there is no way I can do that in 20 minutes. It's gonna take 20 minutes to blow dry your hair, do you know what I'm saying?"

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The customer refused to accept this answer, and insited the hair stylist do as she asked.

"No, no, I don't know what you're saying, and frankly I need to be out of here in 19 minutes," said the client.

China continued to look for a solution, offering to wash and cut the woman's hair, and let her put it up in a bun because there would not be time to dry it.

Irate the customer said, "Are you really gonna make me choose between clean hair and not freezing when I go outside?"

The post has been viewed 195k times and TikTok users have been quick to comment.

"Who schedules a hair appointment on a lunch break? show back up to work a completely different person" commented one person.

Another added: "How do people not understand how time works?"

"if I'm getting my hair done I don't have anything else planned for at least an hour hour and a half after the appointment and that's for just a cut" commented a third.

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And see…I’m a hairdresser and mums are the rudest customers and ALWAYS ask for the same thing when I’ve cut their kids’ hair.

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