I'm a mum and these are my three tips for an organised home – and you'll love the third

FELLOW parents praised a hilarious mum for her three "top organisational tips" and the very relatable scene she showed.

The mum-of-three made a tongue in cheek instructional video for parents to stay organised, with a bit of a surprise at the end.

Taking to TikTok she shared her hilarious hacks in a video that's now been liked more than 225k times.

She said: "People ask me: 'How do you keep your house so organised with three kids?'

"It's easy really…"

She then shared her handy hacks.

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She said: "Step one: we only buy toys that fit in baskets.

"Step two: They can colour and paint but only in certain areas."

She then swung the camera round to hilariously reveal a massive mess on the floor of the living room.

There were toys, books and teddies all strewn across the floor.

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She joked: "And voila! The magic happens all by itself!"

Other parents found the video hilarious and chipped in with their own "tips".

One person said: "Step 3 clean while they sleep and take photos so you can prove to yourself it was clean one upon a time."

Another said: "Step 5: Go outside and play."

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A third said: "Step 1: make them live with their grandparents."

While others just appreciated the honesty.

One person said: "Haha never seen something so relatable."

Another said: "I thought I was on pretentious mom TikTok for a second!"

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A third said: "I was thinking….oh here we go another one of those mums."

To which the mum replied: "I mean, I do try to be organised but these kids are just whirlwinds!"

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