I’m a nanny and I’ve got tonnes of hacks, my ‘1,2,3, You or Me’ technique stops meltdowns in seconds | The Sun

WHETHER it's the naughty step or a confiscation of toys, every parent has their own technique to deal with their child's naughty behaviour.

But if yours is failing, then why not take some tip tips for a childcare expert?

Nanny Amies, who has been in the childcare industry for 22 years, took to TikTok and shared a video revealing her "tricks of the trade."

In the clip, she begins: "1, 2, 3 you or me? is a technique that I use when a child is struggling to toe the line."

Amies goes onto offer a few examples of when the method can be used – including when your child is clambering on the side looking for snacks even though it's not snack time, or when they refuse to turn off the TV despite your instructions.

"The idea behind the technique is wanting children to have that foundation of making good decisions and to understand that even when we don't want to do something, sadly sometimes, we've just got to," she explains.


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Firstly, the nanny says to use calm, clear simple language.

Giving an example, she says: "I'm going to count to three and when I get to three, you can find a home for the remote control or I will."

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She highlights the importance of counting slowly so that it gives the child time to realise that you really mean it.

"What tends to happen is they're thinking, 'I definitely don't want you to try and find a home for it, so I'll do it," Amies says.

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The nanny proceeds to explain that sometimes it can take your child a little while to figure out where you stand on the matter – adding that it depends on how loose or firm your boundaries are for these sorts of things.

"If you was to say 'put the remote down' and your child says 'no!' and you said 'fine' and went off to do one of the billion other things you've got to do, your child knows that boundary is very flexible," she explains.

"Your child knows that the boundary is very flexible so that situation you're in is totally fine but just know you've got to be firm, consistent, calm and understanding, so that you can support them through this new lesson.

"Even though it's frustrating for them but it's a new lesson so they need your help."

Amies, who adds that the technique should be applied for 14 days solidly, concludes: "And when you've done it enough times and you've seen it through and your actions have backed up your words, that's when the magic happens!"

The post has since garnered an impressive 498,000 views and been inundated with comments.

"I always count back because after 1 there’s no number," joked one.

A second penned: "Oh it works every time. It has led to the I DO IT MYSELF!!!! stage though."

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A third wrote: "This works so well with our toddler.."

Meanwhile, another added: "OK I now need to try this, thank you for the tip."

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