I’m a postman and I’m so bored of people saying the same thing to me… they think they’re hilarious, it’s really not | The Sun

A POSTMAN has revealed one of the most common things customers say to him – and admitted it can get more than a little boring.

Ben took to his TikTok page to reveal the jokes he hears "every day", as he began: "One of the funniest jokes you hear in this job is when people say, 'Hey, if they're bills you can keep them'.

"And I always go, 'Hahaha', and they go, 'Hohohohoho', and then I always top it and say, 'They're not Bill's, they're yours.'

"And they go 'Hahahaha', and they go 'hohohoho', and then we just start screaming with laughter in each other's face.

"That's how it always goes."

Concluding his video, he sighed: "Yeah it's great fun".

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The comments section was quickly filled with people sharing similar tales from their own jobs.

"I’ve been telling people my job at a lift company has its ups and downs for almost 9 years… Never gets old," one wrote.

"When people ask what I do and I say I work in tech support, 'oh so turn it off and on again' AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAH GET OUT MY FACE," another added.

"Ex cashier here, customer classic when something doesn’t scan 'do I get it for free???!'," a third commented.

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"Good one mate, not heard that for 6 minutes."

"same energy as when you're washing your car 'you can do mine next!!'," someone else said.

"I work at Specsavers. if I misplace something I'm alway hit with the 'should have gone to Specsavers' line," another wrote.

"I do audio tests and whenever i ask someone how’s there hearing i get ‘pardon’ and every time my reply is ‘oooo you almost got me there'," someone else added.

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