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A PRIMARK superfan has taken to TikTok to share her huge £75 haul – including some great workwear and the viral beauty dupes. 

Zoe, known online as @zoeilanahill2, regularly shares fashion and beauty inspiration with her 43,000 followers. 

In a new video, she shares everything she managed to pick up on a recent visit to her local store. 

This includes some luxe-looking leather trousers, a white satin shirt, and some of the popular beauty dupes being praised on TikTok. 

She said: “So I did some shopping and Primark had some amazing bits. They literally restocked everything, they had some sale bits in, so let’s have a look at what I got. 

“Firstly, in the sale, I got his cropped red and pink jumper. 


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“I think this was super cute, like Valentine’s Day-esque and it was six quid and I was just like, ‘yeah, why not?’

“Love a baggy jumper, especially in this kind of weather at the moment. 

“I then also picked up some cute claw clips because I love claw clips for my hair and I needed some more. 

“I also really wanted some little sparkly numbers so I picked these up. I thought how cute would that look in my hair. 

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“I saw a lady on holiday with them and I was like, ‘yes, that’s a vibe’. 

“I picked up some more leather trousers because… mine are absolutely ruined and if you don’t know, get to know Primark do the best leather trousers. 

“They’re literally 13 quid and they’re super comfy. They’re just like leather legging-style trousers, really easy. 

“I picked these up which are these legging material, stretchy, but they have this little split bottom which I thought would be really cute. 

“So I can either use that as an extra layer skiing, or just as like a casual, comfy day to day wear. 

“I then picked up the viral fluffy leggings to keep you warm because I thought again, that’s going to be great for skiing and also comifness around the house. 

“Some more underwear. I picked up some cotton pads. 

“Oh my god, I picked up this super cute white satin shirt and I thought that would look so cute with any outfits or back to work things. 

“My only worry is that it is a little bit sort-of see through so you’re going to have to wear a nude bra underneath that. 

“I then picked up another cute little claw clip because I have literally broken or lost all of mine. 

“Makeup. I got the viral Vitamin Enriched Face Base dupe. 

“I also picked up this Charlotte Tilbury wand dupe. I picked up some lashes because I’ve got a… wedding client. 

“They restocked it with the Chai which is like their contour wand but it’s like a foundation contour wand. I tried my friend’s and it was literally gorgeous. 

“And then Toast lip liner, which was literally £1, which is meant to be one of the best lip liners. 

“And then, in the sale, for skiing, I got this really cute little headband and it was £2 in the sale and I was just like, ‘why not?’” 

Fans loved Zoe’s haul, with the video gaining more than 7,600 likes and 125,000 views. 

In the comments, her followers praised her haul, with one writing: “Love the haul!” 

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Others shared their tip for making the viral fluffy leggings last, with one writing: “Wash the fluffy leggings inside out girl!! Otherwise they go bobbly.”

Another said: “Wash the fluffy leggings first. Save your carpets…learnt the hard way.”

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