I'm a pro cleaner – you're wasting money on too many products, two must-haves that can be used multiple ways | The Sun

A CLEANING pro has honed her work caddy down to just two essential items.

Any more and she said you were just wasting your money on far too many unnecessary products.

Ignore the temptations in the aisles, she urged, and settle for two items that can be used in multiple ways.

Kendra Hennessy (@themotherlikeboss) should know what she is talking about.

She has owned a cleaning business for ten years and has over 130,000 followers on her TikTok for her user-friendly cleaning tips.

During that time in the field, she has learned to distill her cleaning armory, and it is a lot smaller than it was.

Kendra has learned through experience what works, and what doesn't.

“I can tell you that most people’s homes have way more cleaning supplies and products than they need," she observed.

There were, she said, obvious downsides to this.

“It not only costs a lot of money that you don't want to spend, it [also] takes up space."

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But there was another factor at play: “It also takes up time trying to decide what to use when you’re cleaning."

So she shared a few of her tips. First of all, cleaning products: "Minimize them," she said.

“Professionals find what works, minimize, and stick to a few of the best.”

Edit that cleaning cupboard she urged: “Use one product for a multitude of jobs."

She figured the first item was a wonder: “Dish soap [is] magic," she wrote.

It could be used just about everywhere in a house, including bathrooms, kitchens, walls, windowsills, and more.

The next essential cleaning product was white vinegar.

"It’s really inexpensive and it can be used in lots of ways," said Kendra.

But she did have a disclaimer: “White vinegar is acidic so be really careful what you’re using it on.

“Do not mix products and always test before you use."

Commenters were in agreement with her short list.

One person said: “I’m a house cleaner and I literally use dish soap for almost everything. I clean windows and mirrors with water and a tiny bit of dish soap too.”


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A second also concurred: “Dawn dish soap is magic. You can also use it as a flea shampoo for pets.”

But this lady had another use for vinegar: “[It] is amazing. I have it in a spray bottle for the winter. I use it to defrost my dogs’ tie-outs and it works like a charm and it doesn’t refreeze.”

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