I’m a proud catfish and can easily trick people into thinking I’m a model – no one believes it’s the same person

THE catfish trend is making its way around social media and it doesn't seem to be stopping anytime soon

Kenidi McCray jumped at the chance to join the trend on TikTok – showing off some extreme results.

Her video was captioned: "I really catfished him."

She shows off her glam make-up, saying: “What my boyfriend gets 0.07% of the time.”

But Kenidi says her reality is very different to her sensational look.

The video then jumps to Kenidi dressed in baggy, over-sized clothes with no make-up and dishevelled hair.

Kenidi is almost unrecognisable – with many of her followers claiming that the glam picture is another person entirely.

Her video sent TikTok into a frenzy with many people asking for the truth – so Kenidi planned to give it to them.

The most liked comment on her post said: “Ain’t no way this is the same person.”

To which she replied: “No possible way that this would be the same, not a chance.

“Tutorial coming tomo (tomorrow)!!”

But they weren’t the only one to be shocked by Kenidi’s revelation.

A second wrote: “I refuse to believe this is same person.”

Another said: “My ex literally got mad at me for this. And I was like uhh you don’t take me anywhere to get ready for.”

One user commented: “This is very confusing to me how do people manage to do this.”

Kenidi replied: “Witchcraft.”

Her video has been watched over a whopping 3million times and amassed over 604,800 times.

In response to some of the viewers who refused to believe Kenidi’s make-up wizardry, she recorded a livestream to prove the naysayers wrong.

Although some people found it hard to believe Kenidi’s make-up wizardry, instead of hitting back at the trolls who refused to believe it was the same person, she had fun with it – and even admits she surprises herself from time to time.

Many of her followers were intrigued by her skill, urging Kenidi to share her inside tips and secrets to perfecting her ‘catfish’ look.

One person said: “I’m down to watch this magic show.”

Another wrote: “Also yes I want a live. I need the tutorial desperately.”

While Kenidi remains open and honest about her polar-opposite looks, some people still can’t fathom how her skills transformed her into another person.

People say I catfished my husband as I put on weight after we got together – but he loves me & it’s not their business.

I’m pale & have acne – but after three layers of make-up & fake tan I can catfish like a pro, I look totally different.

I’m a proud Catfish and never hide my fake teeth – but cruel trolls say my incredible transformation should be ‘illegal’.

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