I'm a relationship expert & this is what your Christmas present REALLY means… and it's bad news if he got you lingerie

EVEN though we try our best to point them in the right direction, we should just accept that our partners are going to buy whatever it is that takes their fancy.

So the harder we push them for a posh necklace, the more likely it is that we'll end up with a tacky key-ring… yes, that HAS happened to us before.

But while we always just assumed naff socks and novelty mugs were a sign our partner maybe doesn't have the best taste, relationship expert Tina Wilson argues otherwise.

In fact, the founder of Wingman – which allows friends to introduce their single pals – claims your Christmas present can tell you a LOT about your relationship.

And it's not ideal if you unwrapped some new lingerie this morning…

Gift Set

Nothing says "I left my Christmas shopping too late and panic bought this" quite like a gift set. Bonus points if it includes matching shower gel and body lotion.


Although it's not the most imaginative present, at least it'll get used – right?

Well Tina insists this is the last thing you want to receive from your partner over Christmas.

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The expert said: "If the set includes a random product you’ve never heard of, this is definitely a questionable gift.

"If it’s a product set of something that mentions ‘anti-ageing or ‘de-frizzing’ on the box, then it’s completely unforgiveable…"

That said, Tina says a gift set is salvageable if it includes a product that they know you particularly love.

"A set of something he knows you love is great," she added. "If it’s your favourite perfume and includes a body lotion, this is just thoughtful."


It's arguably the most clichéd gift your partner can get you – but apart from being unoriginal, Tina says receiving lingerie is a real red flag.

She continued: "If your only gift is lingerie, it means your beau is thinking more of himself than you.

"He will be the one looking at it and enjoying it on you, so it’s more a gift for himself.

"If the lingerie is completely different to anything you’ve worn before (and you don’t feel comfortable), its definitely a gift for him. 

"Lingerie can be an awkward gift,  but its actually pretty telling if you have very different perspectives on what you like, and could signal a bigger divider than you imagine…"

And if they kick up a fuss because you don't want to wear it? Tina added: "Buy him a neon glitter G-string and that'll drive the message home."

A Houseplant

We know what you're thinking – surely receiving a plant is a good sign because it's something that'll last a few years?

Well, Tina claims they may not think of you in such a romantic light.

The expert added: "If he truly believes it’s a great gift, he’s thinking of you more like an Auntie."

Monthly Subscription Boxes

These days, you can get a monthly subscription box for just about anything – makeup, flowers, chocolates, cheese. You name it.

But while it might seem as though it's the same ball park as a gift set, Tina claims this kind of present is a VERY good sign.

She added: "This is a clearly well thought out gift and signals he’s wanting to stick around to see them get delivered. 

If your only gift is lingerie, it means your beau is thinking more of himself than you. He will be the one looking at it and enjoying it on you, so it’s more a gift for himself.

"If it's a flower delivery service, he gets extra points if he actually knows your favourite kind or colour."


You don't get any more classic than giving your other half some nice jewellery at Christmas – but Tina says this is a real test of how well they know you.

She added: "A necklace or any piece of jewellery that is in keeping with your style is wonderful.

"It shows he wants you to be thinking of him and close to you."

But what if they don't quite hit the nail on the head

Tina claimed: "It signals he doesn’t know you very well… you might need to educate him if you want him to buy you a ring!"

A Dressing Gown

If getting lingerie isn't a great indication of where your relationship is heading then receiving a dressing gown is EXCELLENT.

Tina explained: "A nice dressing gown shows he wants you to be comfortable and cozy and its less about him wanting you in sexy lingerie for himself. 

"It's very encouraging if he buys you a robe to leave at his place, the gesture meaning that he wants you to stay over more and feel at home."  

Gift Card

Now a gift card can go one of two ways – if it's for a shop you've never mentioned then Tina says it's time to get rid.

She added: "If it’s completely generic and nothing you’ve ever mentioned before, its likely he picked it up at a garage on route to see you."

In other words, there was zero effort there.

However, the expert said it's only acceptable if it's for a place they know you like shopping in.

"It's thoughtful and much more discreet gift than sliding over an envelope of cash for you to buy something that makes you happy," she added.

Spa Day

It might fall in the same ballpark as a gift card – but Tina stresses that him booking a spa day is a good sign for your relationship.

She said: "It's proof that he’s listened to your needs and has your interests at heart."

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