I’m an XS & my bestie’s an XL – we tried the same Zara outfits including crop tops & mini dresses, there was a problem | The Sun

SIZING has been a tricky issue to master for fashionistas of all shapes and sizes.

Two besties decided to uncover Zara's sizing and whether or not the clothes look stylish on a size XS and a size XL.

Kristina and Ashley are both digital content creators who focus on fashion and family life.

Kristina is a size XL and runs a TikTok account boasting over 295k followers and describes herself as "on a mission to find clothes that fit us."

Ashley is a size XS and runs a blog called Everyday Pursuits Fam, with over 45k loyal followers.

The pair tried on three different outfits from Zara in their respective sizes, showcasing their takes on the brand's ensembles.


I’m an XXL, bestie’s an XS – we tried Zara pieces, but some wouldn’t zip

I’m a size XL & 36DDD, my bestie is a size XS – we tried the same clothes

They posed gleefully in front of the camera with their packages from Zara.

First, the friends tried on a yellow faux leather mini dress. The dress fit XS Ashley perfectly, but Kristina could not even zip up the dress.

Next, the pair tried on the same aubergine faux leather crop top. Once again the top fit Ashley, but Kristina had trouble with fastening the top.

Finally the pair tried on a pair of beige dress pants paired with white tops. The pants fit Ashley well, but Kristina was visibly busting out of the seams of the ill-fitting trousers before even buttoning them.

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Viewers shared their own sizing woes in the comments and many sided with Katrina's fit issues.

"I can't shop at Zara," one wrote. "They don't make curvy girl stuff."

"Zara sizing is so off," another wrote. "Sometimes an XS is too big for me but then also sometimes the XL is too small. LIKE WHY ZARA."

Another suggested that Katrina should try another size.

"She is not XL," the commenter wrote. "What's the point?"

"She is in almost all other brands," Ashley replied. "That IS the point."

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