I’m judged for having two babies at 16 – strangers stare at me & pals were cruel, I get why but I don’t regret it | The Sun

MOLLIE Kaur was just 13 years old when she fell pregnant, and people were quick to cruelly judge her.

The young teen went on to have a second baby by the time she was 16 and said both strangers and friends didn’t hold back with nasty labels, but she doesn’t regret it.

Disability support worker Mollie, from Melbourne, is now 21 years old and her kids are aged six and four.

Speaking to 7Life, Mollie said: “I absolutely love the chaos and I don’t regret having my family, but my outlook on having children very young has changed.

“Six years ago I would have said just go for it, don’t listen to other people, now, I know why people told me to wait longer.”

Mollie recalled the moment she took a pregnancy test and saw the positive result.

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She had been vomiting several times a day and had assumed it was a bout of gastro, but would later realise she was suffering from morning sickness.

She was 13 at the time, with her partner Oscar being 14, and both teens were too scared to tell their parents at first.

When they did pluck up the courage, it was suggested that she have an abortion due to her young age.

However, Mollie was insistent that she carry on with the pregnancy.

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She moved in with Oscar and his dad, and although their parents were in full support, bullies were quick to comment in school.

Mollie said that people she thought were friends put nasty things on Facebook, including laughing at her pregnancy announcement.

She added: “It hurt, but that wasn’t all I had to endure. As my bump grew, I could feel strangers’ eyes boring into me.”

In March 2016, baby Theodore was born, and their families rallied around the young couple to offer support.

While Mollie finished her education at a school set up for young mums, Oscar worked at an apprenticeship.

Before long, the family-of-three moved into their own place together, and it wasn’t long before Mollie unexpectedly fell pregnant again.

This time she was 15 years old and was excited to have a sibling for Theodore.

In December 2018, baby Delilah was born. 

I absolutely love the chaos and I don’t regret having my family, but my outlook on having children very young has changed.

The parents tried hard to manage raising their two kids alongside their work, but parted ways in 2019 after they “grew apart” and “weren’t compatible.”

Mollie said they still have a “harmonious” relationship and are happier apart.

When they reached 18, Mollie and Oscar decided it was time to date other people, although the mum-of-two found most men on dating apps “didn’t pass the stepdad vibes.”

She was also hesitant to introduce any men to her kids until they proved themselves.

Finally, Mollie met Manu, who she said was “refreshing” as he was "quiet" and had a close knit family.

Speaking of Manu’s bond with her kids after they eventually met, Mollie said: “He was so great with them and honestly, now they are inseparable.”

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Manu went on to pop the question and Mollie even converted to Sikhism for him.

Oscar still sees the kids a few afternoons a week and every other weekend.

Speaking of her journey, Mollie said she “never regretted having my family, I love them so much.”

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