I’m plus size and have found the best £9.99 hack to stop your summer dress riding up when you walk | The Sun

WE all have those dresses that are a stress to wear, with their constant riding up, leaving you worried about flashing someone as you go about your day.

Well, now some TikTok fashion fans have discovered the perfect liquid fashion tape that will keep your dress in place all day, and it’s just £9.99.

This discovery was first shared to TikTok by @lavishlana, and then picked up by Kristine from @trendycurvy, who tested to see if it’ll work as well for mid and plus size women.

The Hollywood Fashion Secrets liquid fashion tape, is just £9.99 and is currently available on their website.

To get this to work all you need to do is apply to the area that is causing you problems, and hold the dress down for 30 seconds.

Trying this product out, Kristine says she went out and bought it so fast after hearing about it, as she “so many dresses that are short, but because of [her] hips they ride up when I walk.”


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She adds that while she does still wear these dresses, she ends up having to constantly adjust them and pull them back down.

After putting it on Kristine says: “Does it help? Yes. Now will it stay all day and solve your problems completely? I'm not sure.”

“But for what it is and how easy it is, I think I’ll be trying it,” she adds.

In a follow-up video, Kristine says that she did try wearing it all day, but added that while it certainly helped, it wasn’t 100% effective, joking that “these thighs cannot be contained.”

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Although one commenter suggested it may work better if applied in a different way, “it may be where you put it. you put it on the front and I think you need it on the side or back and front.”

Replying to this Kristine writes: “That’s a very good point. I may need to do the full circumference.”

She also shares some other uses the liquid tape can have, the first of these being using it to get your belt to stay in place and not dangle all over the place.

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It can also be used to prevent puff sleeves from falling down if applied to the shoulders.

And it’s a great way to prevent showing too much cleavage, just apply to where you want your top or jacket to sit and you’ll be able to go about your day without worrying about any nip slips.

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