I’m plus-size – I tried Kim Kardashian's viral Skims shapewear & looked six months pregnant | The Sun

SHAPEWEAR helps sculpt your body and flatter your curves.

However, a Skims bodysuit had the opposite effect on one plus-size TikToker.

TikTok user Rachel, who runs the account RachelReynolds06, tried on a Skims bodysuit, but there was a major issue.

Rachel purchased the $68 mid thigh bodysuit from Kim Kardashian's famous brand.

Unboxing the shapewear, Rachel said: "This is not going to fit me. Did they send me the right size?"

The influencer explained that she planned to wear the bodysuit under the Skims lounge long slip dress, $78.

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"Lord have mercy this is hard to put on. It ain’t fitting me, it ain’t fitting me, nope," Rachel said as she tried on the shapewear.

"It shouldn’t be this much work to get it on. I’m going to try keep them on but I couldn’t imagine myself wearing it all day," she told her followers.

The TikToker showed viewers how the straps of the bodysuit were digging into her arms.

Rachel said the shapewear was so small that she felt like she couldn't breathe, but there was another issue.

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"I look pregnant. I don’t just look mushy, I look six months pregnant right now. I’m going to be returning these," she said.

The TikTok user explained that she even sized up while purchasing the bodysuit to avoid any sizing issues.

"This is the problem with being fat, companies hate you. They say they love you but they don’t," Rachel said.

She added: "I thought I was going to slay this outfit. I mean if I was pregnant, I would be slaying. But I’m not."

Rachel's followers took to the comments section to share their thoughts on the Skims bodysuit.

"My mom had to help me in and out of it. It was ummm interesting! But I think I’ll be just sticking to the Spanx brand," one viewer said.

Another user wrote: "Just remind yourself…pain is beauty. I feel you though."

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