I’m trolled for flying to Eastern Europe every couple of months to get my hair and nails done – but it’s so much cheaper | The Sun

A WOMAN has sparked controversy online after admitting to travelling from England to Lithuania to get beauty treatments done.

Sharing her money-saving tip on TikTok, Akvilė revealed that it costs far less to get her beauty treatments done in Eastenr Europe, even with plane tickets.

In the short clip, Akvilė showed herself getting her nails done and revealed she also gets her hair done there too.

She wrote: "Booking an £8 Ryanair flight every two months just to get my nails and hair done cause I refuse to get it done in the UK."

"Better quality and cheaper, don’t judge," she captioned the post.

But people did exactly that in the comments section of the video.


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Many claimed it wasn't a good reason to get on a flight and added she wasn't thinking about climate change.

One person wrote sarcastically: "The planet thanks you for your contribution towards reducing carbon."

Another penned: "Climate change who?"

A third remarked: "RIP climate."

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But Akvilė quickly took to the comments section to reveal that she also flies to go home and see her family.

She wrote: "Just to clarify, I go back home every few months to see my family since they still live there and unfortunately the only way I can travel there is by plane, while I’m there I get my nails and hair done since it’s cheaper and I like the quality better. I don’t go there just for the nails."

The video has since gone viral with over 750k views, and although some were unimpressed by her statement many claimed it was a genius idea and others defended her.

One wrote: "Why is everyone going mad over her going every two months, even if she didn’t go the flight would still be going anyway, the pollution isn't just her."

Another person commented: "When people think Ryan air carries just one passenger at a time n try and blame her single-handed for the climate etc."

A third penned: "Someone please tell me how to do this and where."

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Meanwhile, a fourth person added: "But ok, deeds please cuz I'm tired of my wallet being in a chokehold."

"Genius," a fifth replied.

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