I’m trolled for living in a shed with no water OR electricity to save money – I don’t care, I’ve never been happier | The Sun

IMAGINE packing up all of your belongings and moving into a shed with no water or electricity.

That’s exactly what one woman did one year ago – and she’s never looked back since. 

A TikTok user called kapriiisun, who can be found at [email protected], shared her decision to downsize into a shed on her social media account. 

Kapriisun, who is American, revealed she had chosen to move into the tiny beachside property because she couldn’t afford the high rental prices in California.

And despite being the target of cruel taunts from internet trolls, the social media star, who is in her twenties, says she’s never been happier and doesn’t regret it for a second. 

Kapriisun has documented her time living in the shed, including how she renovated it and made it her own.

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The art student, who has over 4000 followers, turned it into her own cosy haven complete with hanging plants and wall art. It also has a small kitchen area with a mini fridge, mini pantry, TV and bookshelf. 

However, as she’s tight on space and the shed does not have plumbing, Kapriisun only has an outside shower and toilet. 

Since revealing her choice to live in the shed, which is in a family friend’s back garden, trolls have sent nasty messages saying things like: “You live in a shed? That’s so weird!”

They also regularly comment on her set-up, writing comments in her videos, such as,  “I could NEVER live in a shed!!” 

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However, in a recent video Kapriisun hit back at them, explaining in her caption that twelve months on, she’s certain she made the right choice for her. 

She wrote: “POV: a year ago you bought a 10×10 shed from Home Depot and you’ve never been happier.”

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The clip showed footage from her time in the shed, including before and after videos and many other highlights.

The social media user has also shared a tour of the shed, as people described it as “super cute.”

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