I’m trolled for making a chicken korma in my Air Fryer – they say it's a waste of time but I love how easy it is | The Sun

AN AIR fryer whizz has revealed how she makes a chicken korma in her nifty kitchen gadget.

But trolls have said the unconventional method is a waste of time, with one even calling the dish “rancid”.

Social media chef Air Fry Jen dubbed the two-ingredient recipe “nice and easy”.

The simple tutorial, which was posted on TikTok, caused a stir.

Jen started by throwing diced chicken breast in the air fryer and cooking on 200 degrees for eight minutes. 

Once done, she poured a whole jaw of ASDA’s Chicken Korma curry sauce over the chicken but put it in a silicone air fryer liner.

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This stopped the sauce burning the sides of the air fryer tray and made post-dinner washing up easier. 

The next step is to air fry the chicken and sauce for a further eight minutes at 180 degrees. 

Once cooked, you can serve up with your usual extras like pilau rice, naan, Bombay potatoes and more. 

Trolls flocked to the comments to claim that it is “just as easy” to make curry on the hob.

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One said: “So much easier and quicker to do this in a saucepan over a hob. 

“We all have hobs.”

A second penned: “It’s much better in a pan and less mess.”

Others were less constructive in their feedback, dubbing the meal “rancid” and offering sarcastic guidance.

One person quipped: “I’ll lend you my pan.”

Jen clapped back in the comments section: “I find it easier just to pop in here and walk away.

“It saves me standing at the hob for ten minutes.”

Her simple recipe video has totted up 75,000 views since it was posted.

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