I’ve got a common name but people ALWAYS pronounce it wrong – I’m so fed up I’m officially changing it | The Sun

CHOOSING a name for your child is a big decision for any parent to make.

After all, not only do you want to love the name, but you want your little one to be comfortable with it too.

While some parents may choose to give their child a unique name, many will go down the more traditional route.

One woman has revealed she has quite a common name, but constantly gets people mispronounce it.

The woman, named Alicia, took to Reddit to explain her situation, as she explained that she is “sick and tired” of her name being mispronounced.

As a result of how annoying she finds it, Alicia revealed that she is “officially changing” her name. 

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Posting anonymously, under the username ‘u/tofurainbowgarden’ the irritated woman explained: “My name is mispronounced 90% of the time. 

“People who are friends, family members and acquaintances mispronounce it even after being corrected multiple times. 

“My biological father even pronounces it wrong (one of the many reasons why he sucks). 

“It’s awkward correcting people and I'm tired of having to do it. 

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“My name is Alicia, pronounced the Spanish way: uh-lee-cee-uh. 

“I'm constantly called Alisha and I really don't like the "Sha" sound. 

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“I was thinking of changing it to Elise. 

“I'm worried people will still call me Alisha. 

“Anyone have any name ideas similar to my own without the risk of mispronunciation?”

Reddit users were firmly on the woman’s side, with many feeling sympathy for her situation.

One person said: “Alicia is not hard to pronounce your preferred way. If you like the name Elise (also very beautiful) more then change it. 

“But don't compromise for others. It's YOUR name.” 

Another added: “People refusing to say your name correctly after multiple times is just disrespect.

“I work primarily with people from Asia and even though I’m Hispanic I have learned to say all of their names properly and I expect the same in return.”

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A third commented: “I had a student Alicia pronounced like yours and no one had an issue with it. 

“Your friends and family are being extremely disrespectful and I'd be considering changing who I spend my time around, rather than my name.”

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