Julianne Hough shows off bold look in head-turning new video

Julianne Hough never ceases to amaze with her sense of style – and her latest fashion statement was no exception. 

The professional dancer wowed with a look nobody was expecting as she strut her way through an airport in a video she shared on Instagram. 

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Julianne looked effortlessly chic in an outfit she likened to the Schitt’s Creek character, Moira Rose. 

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The star was dressed in all white, with a loose-fitting suit, huge brimmed hat and oversized sunglasses. She also carried a cocktail in her hand. 

Julianne was practically unrecognizable and went incognito as she glided through the airport.

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She added a fun caption which mimicked Moira’s famed wine commercial on the show: “Call me Moira, Moira Rose.vIn the lee of a picturesque ridge, lies a small unpretentious winery. 


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Julianne impersonated Moira from Schitt’s Creek perfectly 

“One that pampers its fruit like its own babies. Hi, I’m Moira Rose, and if you love fruit wine as much as I do, then you’ll appreciate the craftsmanship and quality of a local vintner who brings the musk melon goodness to his oak Chardonnay, and the dazzling peach cral-bapple to his Riesling Rioja. 

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“Come taste the difference good fruit can make in your wine. You’ll remember the experience. And you’ll remember the name – Herb Erfling … ger. Burt Herngeif. Irv Herb-blinger. Bing Livehaanger. Liveling. Burt Herkurn. Ban bingo ling-[expletive]”

Julianne sizzled over the summer 

She then added: “But in actual reality, you really should check out @freshvinewine if you do in fact like low calorie, low carb Premium California Wine.”

Fans loved her take and commended her for her sense of humor – and her style, of course.

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