Lady Gaga’s Many Met Gala Dresses on the 2019 Red Carpet

We knew Lady Gaga, one of five hosts of the Met Gala this year, would be good at this whole camp thing. But we didn’t expect her to become a real-life Russian doll for the occasion.

She walked in wearing a fuchsia dress with an enormous train and an entourage of umbrella-holding, suit-wearing men to handle it. But soon enough, she started to morph.

She played with her umbrella as she moved up the staircase, opening and closing it, striking a variety of poses and fluttering her gold false eyelashes.

The cloak’s train covered a whole sweep of stairs. Her umbrella men were rapt with wonder.

Then, with the help of her attendants, she shed her first layer to reveal a black gown with an asymmetrical sweetheart neck line and a side bustle.

Because why wear one dress when you can wear two?

Oh wait — make that three!

She made a show of each reveal, pretending to walk up the stairs, then retreating back to pose and undress again. Her third outfit was a hot pink, strapless column dress, which she paired with an enormous mobile phone from another century.

But that wasn’t all!

She eventually stripped down to her undergarments, pulling a wagonload of what looked like Champagne behind her.

Ladies and gentlemen: In the opening minutes, Lady Gaga may have stolen the show.

Jonah Bromwich is based in New York. He writes for the Style section. @jonesieman

Valeriya Safronova is a reporter for the Style section. She is based in New York. @vsaffron

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