Love Letter: P.D.A. is Back!

After many months without physical connection, a post-vaccination summer has led many New Yorkers to usher in the season with a full-fledged return to public canoodling.

While a P.D.A. sighting might have been off-putting before the pandemic, some see the increase in couples kissing, touching, hugging and grinding on the dance floors as a sign of a shift back to prepandemic life.

The pain of a breakup is universal. And while most people try not to relive the memories of the sentimental moments they’ve shared with former partners, others aren’t so lucky.

When Tyler Wetherall, the writer of this week’s Modern Love essay, found out her ex had been in an accident that caused him to lose his memory, she no longer had the luxury of avoiding the memories that he now needed her to help recover. While the retelling of their happier moments brought them both a sense of joy, she knew she’d eventually have to reopen the wound of how things came to an end.

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Jenn Loeb and Phil Pollack weren’t on the art scene when they met on the dating app, Hinge, in November 2017. However, when the pandemic hit, they found themselves looking for creative ways to pass the time. Mr. Pollak’s fascination with Rubik’s Cubes proved to be the answer and the key to their burgeoning art careers (they make celebrity portraits out of solved Rubik’s Cubes). The couple were married on May 31 in Riverhead, N.Y.

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