Maid-of-honour tells bride she sees ‘dimples in her bum’ as she clashes with Gok Wan over gown on Say Yes To The Dress – The Sun

GOK Wan came head to head with a painfully honest maid-of-honour after she told the bride she could "see her bum dimples" through her wedding dress.

Appearing in tonight's episode of Say Yes to the Dress Lancashire, bride-to-be Mel threatens to call off the wedding entirely if she doesn't find her dream dress before her wedding in just over two months time.

Before trying on gowns at Ava Rose Hamilton boutique, body-conscious Mel revealed that she had already bought a dress – but couldn't bear to wear it on her big day.

Opening up about her first dress shopping experience, she said: "I was sick of trying dresses on. I just went for the first one I felt alright in."

However, the stakes are sky-high for Gok and his team as Mel is now refusing to wear her original gown.

She added: "I've been to try it on again and I hate it. If I don't find a dress today then I can't walk down the aisle."

And if Mel wasn't nervous enough about her second round of dress shopping, she also brought her straight-talking maid-of-honour Sara to prevent her from making the same mistake again.

Before they headed in to the fitting, Sara said: "My role today is speak my mind, tell her the truth, because I don’t think anybody else will.

"I can’t keep my gob shut when I think something looks a mess! I wouldn't let her walk down the aisle looking a mess. It wouldn't be fair on her."

The first gown Mel tries on is a £1,299 form-fitting sleeveless frock with a sparkly lace bodice and fishtail train.

Admitting that she wasn't expecting herself to like it as much as she does, the bride said: "I like how it pulls me in."

When she turns to her family and friends for their feedback, the bride jokes: "I don't dare look at Sara's face because I don't know what'll come out of her mouth."

The bride is right to worry as Sara immediately finds an issue with the tight-fitting skirt.

She says: "Right, how can I put this without being awful? Your stomach is really flat in it, but it's not about your stomach.

"But behind I can see dimples in your legs and your bum."

Trying to reassure Mel that she looks great, Gok says he is "blown away" by the comment and that he can't see any dimples at all.

But Sara snaps back: "It's not shocking but I'm just telling you that's what I can see."

He replied: "I can't see anything and I have a trained eye looking for that kind of stuff."

Although Gok suggests that it could be down to a crease in the fabric, Sara states this is not the case before getting up to point out the dimples herself.

She joked: "I don't know if he's ever met anyone as vocal as me."

What's more, Sara even piped up again to tell her mate that her bra "wasn't helping" when she asked if the dress gave her "back fat".

Speaking off camera afterwards, the maid-of-honour said: "I don't feel mean in telling her the truth because at the end of the day, I've got to be cruel to be kind."

Unsurprisingly, Mel decided against the fishtail frock following the tense discussion.

The bride said: "It's all turned into my dimply bum and not about the dress."

After the disastrous try-on, Gok escorted Mel back to the changing room and pondered: "What I've got to do now is cover dimples, show the body off, cover the boobs and find a dress that's available in 71 days.

Fortunately for Mel, the super stylist managed to find an equally fitted dress with voluminous skirt which reduces the "tigress" maid-of-honour to tears.

Say Yes To The Dress Lancashire airs tonight at 8pm on TLC.

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