Man leaves people stunned in Lidl after forgetting a pound for the trolley | The Sun

A MAN has left people stunned after forgetting a pound for the trolleys in Lidl.

In a video shared on Instagram, he was seen showcasing his "hack".

Instead of asking a friend or trying out a hack to remove one trolley from the rest of them, he decided to take all 10 trolleys for his trip down the aisles.

"I didn’t have a pound and I just thought ‘F**k it, I’ll take 10 of them’," he explained as a Lidl employee walked past, apparently unconcerned by the display.

The man's friend could be heard laughing in the background as he filmed his pal, and showed a bag in the end part of the last trolley, with the rest of his shopping piled along the top of the others.

"He didn't have a pound. Logic," the Southall's Finest Instagram page wrote alongside the video.

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And people were quick to weigh in on the clip, with one writing: "If you don't have a pound, you can ask an employee inside Lidl and they will come and unlock your trolley.

"Or you can get the small basket inside the store."

"Just ask at the counter. They give you a plastic coin. Ffs. All common sense is dead," another raged.

"I work in lidl, the amount of bs I see everyday I’m used to it and give up saying anything cuz no one ever listens," a third commented.

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"Boring attention seeker," another person slammed.

"Or you can use the good old corned beef hack," someone else suggested.

"Take the little metal pin off the corned beef tin and insert into the slot and it will unlock.

"You're welcome."

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