McDonald’s fan shares ‘blinding’ Christmas menu hack featuring a Big Mac and cheese dippers

FAST food enthusiasts often have a way of making already delicious menu items even more amazing.

And McDonald's fans are combining two Christmas menu treats and making one incredibly mouth-watering meal.

Double Big Macs launched in the UK last week as part of the fast-food chain's seasonal Christmas menu.

But apparently the single slice of cheese just wasn't doing it for many, so foodies are ramping up the cheesy goodness by adding dippers as well.

You can order a four pack of cheese melt dippers for just £1.79, and McDonald's fans are putting them on their burger.

One bloke shared the creation on Twitter, encouraging those you haven't tried it to get on to it, stat.

McDonald’s Christmas menu items

  • Double Big Mac Meal – £4.19 for a single or £5.69 as a meal
  • Jamaican Jerk Chicken Sandwich Meal – £4.39 for a single or £5.69 as a meal
  • Cheese Melt Dippers – £1.79 for four or £4.79 for a sharebox
  • Celebrations McFlurry – £1.39 or mini for £0.99
  • Salted Caramel Latte – £1.69

He tweeted: "If you don't stuff a double Big Mac with Cheese Melt Dippers, you're doing the McDonald's Christmas menu wrong."

And proving he'd really given it some though, he added: "My original plan was to replace the bread in the middle but you'd lose too much burger sauce that way, and probably compromise the little structural integrity one of these things have…"

Needless to say, the cheesy burger was a hit with fans online, with one fan even calling him a "visionary".

"Goodness me, now that's a burger and a half," one person commented

While another asked: "How have we never done this before."

Convinced, one bloke even admitted to running 6km to "justify" eating the mammoth burger and shared a snap of his before devouring it.

For those who want to try, you'll have to from the comfort of home as restaurants remain closed during lockdown – but at least you won't havejudgemental eyes staring you down.

This comes as fans hit out at the menu item for only having one slice of cheese.

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