McDonald’s fan shares simple hack to get incredible secret dessert treat that is NOT on the menu

A MCDONALD’S devotee has shared his favourite hack to get a secret dessert that is not on the menu. 

Foodie Adrian Widjy from Sydney, Australia, took to TikTok on Christmas Eve to share the treat with his fans.

The “must-do hack” combines the delicious ice cream with a hot apple pie from the franchise.

Widjy started by visiting a McDonald's branch and ordering an Oreo McFlurry and apple pie.

He said: “It doesn't matter what kind of McFlurry you get, the hack will still work in the same way.”

Using a spoon, his video shows him heaping cold McFlurry vanilla ice cream into his hot apple pie and then watching it melt slightly before tucking in.

He continued spooning the mixture into the fruit-filled pastry until both were finished.

He said: 'Just trust me, it's heaven."

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His loyal fan base were initially skeptical about the flavour combination.

But the vast majority could see its merit and vowed to try it out for themselves on their next visit.

One said: “Why didn't I think of this sooner.”

Just recently The Sun Online showed you how to get a Big Mac and fries for half price – forever.

All you have to do is make a purchase from the menu but make sure you keep the receipt.

Then go to the McDonald’s Food For Thoughts website.

Here you need to tap in the 12-digit code printed on the bottom of the receipt and how much you spent.

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