Meghan followed Harry on a private Instagram account under his secret nickname ‘Spike’ when they first started dating

PRINCE Harry had a private Instagram account under his secret nickname Spike where he used to message Meghan Markle, a new book has revealed.

Finding Freedom, by Omid Scobie and Carolyn Durand and serialised by the Times, has lifted the lid on intimate details of the couple’s relationship.

The authors claim that the Duke of Sussex had a very exclusive Instagram account with a Deadmau5-themed handle and that he followed just four people.

In the book, Scobie and Durand claim that shortly after their first date at Soho’s Dean Street Townhouse, Meghan began following the account @SpikeyMau5.

The book’s authors said of the account: “With no face visible in the profile photo, just a mouse-shaped helmet, it would have meant nothing to most people. But it was in fact Harry’s private account.

"A big house music fan, he crafted the pseudonym by using part of the name of one of his favourite DJs, Deadmau5."

The private account is still active on Instagram but no longer has any followers and is following just two accounts, neither of which are visible to the public.

The display picture has also been reset to a blank one. It is not clear whether Harry uses the account.

The authors added that Harry’s Instagram handle also refers to a nickname of the Prince’s

They add: “Spikey came from a Facebook alias that Harry used for an account he had under the name of Spike Wells.

"'Spike' was a nickname sometimes used for the prince, particularly by Scotland Yard officers."

The Facebook account is thought to no longer be active.

While the prince’s Instagram account was incredibly private the opposite could be said for Meghan’s who had a strong social media presence.

Following their first date, Meghan posted a cryptic photo of some candy Love Hearts inscribed with the words”Kiss Me” and with the caption “'Lovehearts in #London.'"

The authors added: “Whether it had meaning to anyone else, Harry got the message.”

Sensational claims made in Finding Freedom include:

  • Harry called William 'a snob' for the way he spoke about Meghan
  • Meghan and Harry felt "cut adrift" and were frustrated at Prince William and Kate Middleton getting the 'plum' jobs
  • The former actress moaned she had given up her life for the Royal Family
  • Prince Harry compared fronting up to the royal institution to being in front of a firing squad
  • The Duke and Duchess of Sussex were frustrated the Queen would not meet them earlier to discuss their demands
  • Meghan was dubbed Harry's "showgirl" who "comes with a lot of baggage" by senior royals

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