Mortified woman warns shoppers off Zara leather trousers because they ‘make you fart’ in public

A MORTIFIED woman has warned fellow Zara shoppers off a pair of leather trousers after discovering they made a farting noise when she bent down.

TikTok user Julia from New York, shared a hilarious video about the perils of her recent purchase which has since gone viral.

Speaking in the clip she says: “Please just keep watching if you shop at Zara.

“So I bought these really cute, flare-y type leather pants and I went out to eat with my family in them.

“And thank God it was just my family.

“On our way out my sister drops her phone, so I go down to pick it up and this happens.”

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Julia then squats down three times wearing the £29.99 pants, demonstrating the loud ‘farting’ noise that her trousers emit.

“So here’s a warning if you wanna buy these pants, don’t bend down” she adds.

The video has since been viewed more than 3 million times and has received thousands of comments from viewers left in hysterics.

Commenting on the video, one wrote: “Haha, I have the same pair! Happened to me while I was getting into an uber.”

“OK this was seriously funny” added another, while a third wrote, “OMG I am WHEEZING.”

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